Home Building

You're here because you want a beautiful, efficient, durable, home. At S. E. Clark Builders, We believe that using simple, elegant materials and time-tested building methods is the is the way to create a stunning home, customized to your desires and built to last.  We pay attention to the details to ensure a tight, energy efficient, well-insulated, breathable, and very comfortable home with simple, down-to-earth systems you'll find easy to manage. 

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Historic Restoration

At S. E. Clark Builders, we honor the past by taking stewardship of historic structures very seriously. We are one of Central Maine's top historic restoration specialists, having restored dozens of historical homes and buildings. Whether it's finding the exact shade of paint to match the original, or hunting down period-specific fixtures, our attention to detail ensures that your historic Maine home will be rejuvenated authentically and with great sensitivity.

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We work on renovations of any size, in any phase. Whether it's just one room or an entire house, whether you've already started (and need help finishing) or whether you've only begun imagining, we can help. 

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Full Shop Services

Because we work with top local affiliates in all types of services, we can offer everything from lumber processing to custom mouldings, stair parts to screen/storm doors. Our craftsmen can create custom kitchens, built-ins, furniture, and mill work of all types.

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Design Services

Your ideas: This is what makes a home unique. Frequently, we find that people we work with feel "trapped" inside the lines of 'cookie cutter' house plans, or drawings they hired done (and are not not sure they like). 

Shane's approach to design is different. He will work with you to tease out your best ideas and get them on paper. You'll imagine your daily life in your new home, and how to make it look and feel exactly the way you want.

While Shane has an actual architect he can pull in if necessary, in 99% of the cases, he and the home owner come up with a comprehensive, detailed, original plan -- saving you thousands on architects, engineers, and designers, and leaving you more money to spend on your home's finishes.

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Consultation Services

So you want to build your own house? Fantastic! Many people do, and we're here to help. Shane can provide any level of aid to DIY-ers, from on-site consults to providing men on the job to do difficult or time consuming tasks that the client may need a hand with.  The level of involvement is completely up to you.

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Small Projects Welcome!

Just because we can build an entire house for you doesn't mean that we don't welcome your small projects, as well! We do additions, kitchen and bathroom renovations, remodels, and any number of other small projects -- just ask.

And, if there is something we can't do, we always know someone who can. We're happy to give you a complimentary referral to our partners and affiliates when we're booked or if there is a project we can't take on.

Let us know how we can help; contact Shane to discuss.